A bra is one of the most important pieces in a woman’s wardrobe. It holds everything in place, provides support and padding to help you feel more confident, and it can be just plain fun – sometimes even flirty! Whether you’re a novice or an experienced bra wearer, bras can still provide you with new tricks and hacks to make your dress sexy or make your outfit pop. Here are some simple and effective bra tricks and hacks for your dress to make your life easier:

1.Stick-on bra

You can use your bra to create a temporary backless by using stick-on bra from niidor. Simply cut the straps off and tie them together in a knot. Place the bra in-between your body and the dress, on top of your bra straps. The straps will be tucked into the top of your bra and will suddenly be invisible – perfect for those bridesmaid dresses! This is a great idea for those who have no time to sew or are pressed for time.

2. DIY Dress Flips

Belts are also great for dress flips. If you don’t want to wear a backpack or no dress belt for your outfit, simply place the belt around your midsection and tie it in the back. This is perfect for any lingerie-looking looks or dresses with high slits on the side.

3. Wrap It Around

If you have a v-neck dress or top, you can use your bra to prevent the straps from showing. Simply tie the band of your bra around the strap of your dress or shirt, making sure that it’s snug enough so that it doesn’t move around. This will make your dresses and tops look more seamless and sexier!

4. Convert Bra Straps Into Fancy Belts

Do you have a fancy dress that has a basic bra strap? Well, instead of buying an expensive belt or one that is not even necessary, use what is already on your body. Cut the bra straps near the attachment point (be sure to place the scissors on top of the band for maximum support) and tie your straps around your waist. This can be a great way to add a feminine touch to even the most boring of dresses.

5.Bra extender

A bra extender is usually used when your bra’s band is too tight, but it also works to prevent your bra from showing. If your dress or top has a low back and open sides, you can use the extender to secure the back of your bra to the lining of your dress or top. This will prevent even the smallest strap from showing and make your outfit look more seamless and sexy like from the samples here.

6. Elastic fabric bra

If you have an elastic fabric that has a lot of stretch to it, you can use your bra to create a makeshift bra. All you need to do is fold the elastic in half, then place it inside the cup of the bra. Make sure that all components (cup, band, and strap) are concealed by the elastic. You can then fold the fabric over itself so it doesn’t show. This will make your dress or top look like its coordinating with your underwear!


Always remember that it is important to take care of your bra. Wash it before wearing and make sure that you remove any pills or dust from the fabric. Also, always keep the band and ties fastened tightly so that the bra doesn’t slip out and reveal your bra straps.