There are so many brands that you can integrate into a list, but when we are mentioning the top, there are some that deserve the place. They have been in the trends for a long time, and it is not just the appearance of the product, but also the durability and reliance that makes it sustain in the market. Everything matters.


How can one miss Armani? They are known worldwide. The value of this company if $3.1 billion. Apart from producing elegant suits, they also do perfumes, leather bags, belts, glasses, shoes, and other things. Over the years, the brand has made a reputation in Hollywood where many of the stars are loyal customers of this brand.



The company has been around since 1925. They are the experts in the world-class dressing and there are also other accessories. They are known for their professional credibility and quality that they have produced during their 95 years of service. It was founded by Paola Fendi and the company had made a name by updating itself to the new fashion trends. It also produces a handbag series that was introduced in 1997.


The total value of this company is $5.5 billion. Established in 1978, Versace is an Italian company that is one of the most profitable brands in the fashion industry. From Hollywood stars to personalities, they are a known name. They are known for embellishment, prints, cocktail, and iconic gowns. In comparison with other brands, they are second to none.


Burberry is one of the popular brands in the market. It has a total brand value of $5.87 billion. From its fashion innovations to the iconic Audrey Hepburn, the brand has carved quite an image among the crowd. It generates a revenue of $4billion. It also has its skincare products.



Ralph Lauren gives you the taste of royalty and luxury. With a total brand value of $606 billion and revenue of $7.1 billion, it provides all sorts of dress materials to you. The brand is worn by various celebrities and personalities of the world. It has a sub-brand called Polo under it.


Prada is also a popular brand and has been dominating the fashion industry. The brand offers clothing with exclusive style and feel that gives you satisfaction. The company has a brand value of $7.3 billion generating an amount of $3.7 billion. It is one such brand that every girl likes to wear and everyone wants to get.


Fashion has changed a lot in recent years, and most of the brands have an image of incorporating fashion with the brand. Some of them have their style and they remain honest with it. Be it suits or dresses, these brands are known for their style and product. They just don’t have to provide for fashion, but the quality also matters. The fashion industry standards have to be maintained if you want the brand to prosper and sustain for a long period.