The wardrobe is one thing that you need to learn how to maintain if you are into fashion. To some extent, everybody wants to look good and without a wardrobe, you are not going to achieve that, but that’s not it. It’s not all about having a wardrobe, but the fact that you are maintaining it. There are some rules you have to follow if you want your wardrobe to work in sync with you.

Clean up:

Wardrobes are full of things and it is these things that can leave you confused. Where to start? Where to end? When your wardrobe is disorganized, these questions are common. So the first thing that you should do is to clean it out. Sort it out. Be careful that when you are taking out your stuff from the wardrobe, you are placing and sorting them correctly. Once you have enough space and the wardrobe is empty, you can use the vacuum cleaner and start cleaning it. This will clean out the dust in the wardrobe so that nothing gets stuck in the clothes.



This is a very important step. If your wardrobe is not organized, you will find it hard to find a clothing item, but if you sort it out in sections, it will be good. Organize and sort your wardrobe in sections so that you don’t find it hard to find any item. Furthermore, the more organized it looks, the better it is.

Sort out your shirts and sweaters:

If your shirts and sweaters are on one shelf, you have to sort them out. Separate them on the shelf, and stack shirts on one side and sweaters on the other side. This is easier than the mixed one where you have to pick one item to find the other one.

Storing shoes

Storing shoes:

This is a real puzzle. After storing clothes, shoes are a real thing. If you have a dressing wardrobe that has no place for shoes, you can leave the shoes in their original boxes, so that when you want to find them, you can do that easily.

Take measures:

Once you have stored your clothes, the next thing is to make sure that they are safe, but wardrobes can become home for mites. Get mothballs or scented sachets so that it doesn’t happen and your clothes are safe.

Don’t hang scarves:

There is no point hanging scarves, but you can choose to fold them up. This will save you space where you can accommodate something else.

A Light

A light:

It would be good if you could have a look at the wardrobe at any time of the day. Install a light, and if you can, have a sensor light so that any time you open your door, it brightens up.


Once you have categorized your wardrobe, you have to make sure that it remains clean. It has to be maintained and kept away from the insects that crawl. To keep your wardrobe safe is one of the steps in maintaining your wardrobe.