Advertising has been quite an influencer as far as fashion is concerned. Fashion has changed a lot in the last century, and there have been various external factors that have led to changes. The socio-politico and economic changes happening in our society have a strong effect on fashion trends. The changes in our society directly influence fashion, and the rest of the thing is taken care of by the advertising. The ads are creative and imitate an image in the mind of people. For example, people in the World War era wore clothes that were more suitable for Wartime.

Hats and cigarette cases:

This was one of the popular movements in the fashion industry. Shortly after World War women took to wearing hats. The trend was inspired by Audrey Hepburn, but men wore it more occasionally. You can see it in the early films where there are men with buttoned-up shirts, ties, high-waisted pants, and hats. These things were common. This was followed by a pack of cigarettes, and before they could discover its cons, smoking was cool. Everbody had it and it was considered a style thing.

1960’s and the hippie movement

1960’s and the hippie movement:

In the 1960s, the world went through a spectacular change, and there were shifts in the style industry. This era is known for change in social norms regarding clothing, drugs, sexuality, and education. This was the time when the meaning of words like Freedom changed drastically. Then came the hippie movement, where Tye-dyeing became popular. It was the time you had the US-Vietnam war going on. The Hippie movement of the 1960s was freedom and anti-war movement. They used Tye-dyeing to display opposition and freedom. Even though the movement was liberating, Jeans and trousers on a woman were still discouraged. They wore skirts and flowy dresses.


This was the age when freedom became a known thing. Women were being received more openly in matters of fashion. Bell bottoms, fur coats, and flower prints were the trends. It was followed by the liberating 1980s when the computers were in progress, the technology changed the way we saw the society, and the fashion changed. The fashion revolved around the music videos and singers like Michael Jackson. The clothing included shoulder pads, jean jackets, Member’s Only jackets, leather pants, and jumpsuits, zubaz, and hammer pants.


In the world of fashion, this was the most iconic age. It was the time when Hip-hop was making rounds and the world had changed a lot. Long shorts and ripped-out jeans became a rapid occurrence.



Fashion has changed a lot. In 2010, fashion became more urban and many people started to wear Hip-Hop streetwear. Apart from that, there were baggy pants and cargos.


Fashion has changed a lot in recent years. Especially if you take the 1990’s in the account, but the most significant change in the world of fashion was in the 1970s and 1980s. Even though it has completely changed, but right now, much of the fashion is traveling back and bringing back the old trends.